The Scribes

Welcome to our Athenaeum!

Our place to geek out about the things that we love and hopefully meet others that also love the same things!


Zenyalore – I am a geek, absolutely and totally!  I love things and I love them a lot.  I have been playing Tabletop RPGs for nearly twenty years, and video games for a lot longer.  I’m an avid reader and writer too!  I’ll also be bringing Asian Drama reviews to the page.  Check me out on


Lex – Chronically tired, always inspired. Well, one of those is true. One of these days I’ll actually finish a novel. I have an unhealthy obsession with James Buchanan Barnes and a deep love of all things canine. I’ve been playing D&D 5e since early 2017 and have only TPK’d my friends on accident three times. I’m much funnier than Wil Wheaton and I take a meager 12 college courses to understand.


Kiyrradellienne – My muse has creative ADHD; I am constantly chasing shiny things.  As such, I have dabbled in writing, illustration, cosplay, prop design, various yarn things, DMing, polymer clay… I’m constantly in a “what the DERP am I doing?” state.  But that’s okay!  It just means I have a lot to write about 😀  One of my favorite hobbies is DnD 5e character creation.  If I could make a living doing that, I would.  Oddly specific?  Sure.  But stat rolls are where LEGENDS are born!