Homebrew the Series: 02


Welcome back to my series about Homebrewing for tabletop role playing games!  As promised I’m going to talk about creating a world from scratch.  In this post I’ll be using the techniques to build a world that I discussed in the first post.  Since my first post wasn’t a step by step instructional, I’ll be skipping around in the instructions while I make this town.  This sample village is free to use!  All I ask is that you let me know you’ve taken it and tell me about how it went in your story!

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Homebrew the Series: 01

I have created so many homebrew stories over the years, and I still love it!  I’ve only ever played in one module, and I’ve enjoyed it too!  However, my experience has really only been with homebrew worlds and stories!  So we’re going to start a series where we talk about different aspects of homebrewing!  In the comments please give us topics that you’d like to see!

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