Book Club: NPCs

We are excited to announce our book for the first ever Athenaeum Book Club!  Through a poll we’ve picked our first D&D inspired book to read.  If you couldn’t guess by the tittle we’re reading NPCs by Drew Hayes!  The synopsis for the book sounds amazing!  What happens to the NPCs when the adventurer’s aren’t there?  Well that is the burning question that this book answers!

If you are still interested in joining us please send me a friend invite on Goodreads!  You can find me either under the username Zenyalore or the email  There is plenty of time to join us since we’re starting to read NPCs as of today, June 11, 2018.  So, please send me a friend request if you’d like to join us!  I’d love to have as many lovely people involved as would like to join us!

We’ll be using Goodreads to facilitate our discussions, future polls, and updates about our progress.  I’ll be mirroring some of our discussions and progress here as well.  Our goal is to read NPCs in a two month span.  So on August 11, 2018 (or as close to that as we can all get together)  I’ll be hosting a discussion on Goodreads to chat about the book in its entirety.  Because all of the amazing people who have joined us so far are in many different time zones the discussion will be an all day affair, so that we all have a chance to chat about the book!  I’ve never run a book club before and an online book club is vastly different so hopefully it is enjoyable and runs smoothly.

I’m excited to start out on this journey and I am looking forward to reading the book!  I’m even more thrilled about having so many wonderful people to read and discuss this book with!

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